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阿佳 - XOOPS2 模組 | 2005-04-07 | 點閱數: 16692
liaise 1.23中文版:
此版本為 Brandycoke Productions 於2005/2/16 發佈的新版本,小弟參考先前1.22 Xtheme 中文化版本,中文化1.23版,並修正其中一些中文化內容(錯誤或覺得不通順的地方)。

V 1.23更新資訊:

- Cleaned up "Undefined variable/index" messages when php-debug is turned on
- Page loading time slightly reduced (in theory)
- New form elements for files/images uploading
- Improved error handling
- Improved appearance of form elements listings
- Fixed a bug that "other" options wouldn't strip slashes
- Changed "Mail from name/email" to site name and admin email
- Added "Reply-To name/email" for submitted user name and email
- XOOPS version check: A warning message will be shown if the version of XOOPS does not match the system requirement.
- Various bugs/typo fixes




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